• High Speed


    Eurona Arden Phone & Broadband have a range of speeds and price plans of up to 8MB..

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  • High

    quality service

    Eurona Arden Phone & Broadband, a local company whose values are based on exceptional service coupled with exceptional value..

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  • VOIP

    Internet Phone

    For just 15euro per month you can be calling friends or family worldwide with no extra charges or fees - works exactly just like a regular phone!

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35 Euro Per Month

  • Download Speeds

    Up To 2MB
  • Upload Speeds

  • Monthly Usage

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40 Euro Per Month

  • Download Speeds

    Up To 4MB
  • Upload Speeds

  • Monthly Usage

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45 Euro Per Month

  • Download Speeds

    Up To 8MB
  • Upload Speeds

  • Monthly Usage

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Eurona Arden Phone & Broadband

Eurona Arden Phone & Broadband, providing a first class reliable Wireless Broadband Internet connection to all our valued customers in counties Cavan, Leitrim, Longford, Westmeath, Monaghan & Fermanagh. We can cater for any of your bandwidth needs whether you need a residential Internet connection or a business/office web connection. We have a customer focused approach, and local backup is at hand if required.

What We Do?

You can have wireless broadband internet access in Cavan, Longford, Leitrim, Westmeath, Monaghan simply by having Eurona Arden Phone & Broadband install a small receiver to your house.

This procedure brings an invisible or wireless internet signal to your property.
This "wireless" network can then be picked up throughout your home or place of work, nice and tidy!

From 35 Euro pm

  • No Fixed Phone Line Required.

  • Fast Professional Installation.

  • Phone Connections Available.

  • Safe secure Connection.

  • Local service providers.